Robert Ritch

Robert Ritch consults and invests in businesses. He built his personal net worth by purchasing distressed businesses and turning them around.

Robert takes this experience to his consulting clients where he provides guidance and advice. His experience is across multiple industries. Robert Ritch has never focused on just one industry and believes the principles and skills of running a business are the same regardless of the industry. While turning businesses around Rob has developed experience in many areas of management.

Rob has been the Chief Executive Officer and believes in the art of delegating responsibilities and developing the right staff and culture of a corporation.

Rob has been a Chief Financial Officer and believes this position is not about the accounting aspects of the business but is about forecasting and cash flow. While Rob is not a CPA is has developed great skills as a CFO.

Rob has been a Chief Marketing Officer and developed skills in online and offline marketing. Rob has sold many products and services, and hired, and trained sales teams. He has taken small companies to multi-million dollars in sales.

Rob has built large companies through mergers and acquisitions. Rob has worked with both public and private companies by buying competitors, vendors, suppliers, and trade publications/organizations.

Robert Ritch has guided private companies in going public through reverse mergers with existing public companies.

Rob has developed a database of commercial lenders and investment firms which he uses for his own deals as well as those of his clients. This database consists of angel investors, family offices, venture capital firms, private equity firms, lenders, equipment leasing firms, and real estate lenders.